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Discover the oceans like never before. Journey through the bays, beaches and anything in between with some of the most luxurious yachts available. The Lifestyle Concierge  will take you to some of the most breathtaking destinations in the world. Miami, Saint-Tropez, Dubai, and Singapore to name a few. Each client is treated like their only client, receiving true white glove service with a constant eye for luxury that few ways can provide in the way a private yacht can. 

A world class, international yacht team will assist you the entire way, making sure your experience is nothing less than unforgettable.  Set sail for a new adventure

Yacht Deck
Image by Patrick Langwallner


The dedicated team at The Lifestyle Concierge has a stellar track record with regards to planning, managing and executing world class events. Individually unique and tailor made, these events leave a lasting impression on all that attend. The know-how and expertise of The Lifestyle Concierge allows for an eclectic list of possibilities, ranging from the renting of an entire race track for a private event, to a formal cocktail reception meant to relax and impress. Reach out and guarantee the guests of your next event an experience they will never forget.

Art & Exhibition

Luxury comes in many forms. For some, it is in the appreciation of fine art. Immerse yourself in the world of art like never before. The team at The Lifestyle Concierge will plan a unique itinerary which captures the wonder and awe of the art world in a method rivaled by none. Experiences ranging from private tours at the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum, to in-depth experiences at the world renowned Gulbenkian museum in Los Angeles. Whatever the destination, you are sure to leave with a satisfied mind and a fortified soul.

Image by Adam Jaime
Image by Chris Leipelt

Personalized Services

The Lifestyle Concierge adopted it's name for a reason. Providing clients an unsurpassed concierge service is the foundation of a truly luxurious experience. The team's delicate balance between luxury lifestyle management and a client's privacy has been the reason for such success in this domain.  A designated concierge is available 24/7, offering an unforgettable personal experience which is available year round. Allow The Lifestyle Concierge to show you how it lives up to it's name. 

Image by Minh Pham

Private Charters

The Lifestyle Concierge offers luxury at all stages of your trip. Organizing and managing world class private charter flights is never overlooked. Sit back and relax while the details of your flight are handled at every step. The team at The  Lifestyle Concierge guarantees a stellar in-air experience with attention to detail in regards to our clients in-flight culinary experience and comfort. As always, discretion is respected at all times.

Luxury Valet Service

Luxury Retreats

The Lifestyle Concierge appreciates it's clients downtime. This appreciation manifests itself in the detail and thoughtfulness put into tailor making holiday experiences. Memorable and seamless, a luxury holiday designed by The Lifestyle Concierge allows for pleasure, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences. Alongside this promise, is the promise of respect and care towards each and every members privacy. 


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